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Over 6000km through China

It has been over 2 weeks I'm travelling in China. Two weeks ago I left my sweet frog bed in Nanjing to see how my colleges, the other lecturers are doing in their locations and universities.
As I planned I visited everyone in time so fare... Just to follow, it's nearly an entire tourist tour! :)

As I thought last time in Xian, it has a pretty nice atmosphere with the walls around city center and as Chinese love it, the walls and towers are colorfully lighted during night time. Arriving after a 14 hrs train ride, Jan already started his cooking video project with his students. Which was really amazing is that I still met stuff people I knew from last time in the hostel I stayed at. So coming into their bar for a drink was nice. Remembering people at a place you have stayed for no longer than a week, wow… Thanks for the night guys!

Another thing started to take place: so far all people I visited got sick while I was there, maybe it’s my personal aura or it’s just autumn weather… *lol*

A train ride and really nice conversation with two Chinese (a Dad with his 27 year old daughter) later I was about to see how my loved city Chengdu is doing. This is the place I’m connecting lots of good and hurting memories with: not just the flair and quality of life in this city are in my memory, also the dog bite happening in Aba Tibetean Area and the connected rabies worries…

Anyway it was a good night out meeting Katinka again and lots of other Chengdu locals…
A day later we made it to Mianyang by a lovely standing ticket which was unbelievably full charged… Especially the point that we were 3 blond haired girls was just too much for some of the Chinese. They just didn’t know where and which body parts to look first at…

Mianyang turned out to have lots of nice and hidden spots, just to mention two: a lovely shao kao street and hidden military suburbs. Think what you want about, as I want to have this blog running I leave it to your own imagination.

In case of time I took a flight to Kunming because a train ride around the mountains takes more than a day which I didn’t want to spend on the train even if I love train rides in China. Arriving in Kunming was first disappointing: I expected nicely warm weather but it got autumn in Kunming too. Anyways it was so restorative to have kind of fresh air, blue sky and shining sun again. That’s maybe one of the points I’m already disappointed at: POLLUTION. One day Caro and me made our way out of city to visit a little temple located in the hills around Kunming and a really Chinese touristy spot. This one wasn’t famous for its restored Daguan Lou but for its roller coasters… Well you never know.

Since yesterday morning I’m at Julia place in Guilin. The train ride was full of memories because we had to pass Nanning, the place I loved so much and even more when I left it. Having seen these karst mountains lots of times it was still amazing. So was the view from one of the hills in Guilin during early evening, just calming…

Oh, if anyone is not sure if I started in Hefei yet?! NO, I didn’t, still waiting but there should come up some decision this week. Anyway there are 2 more weeks with plans, the IRT in Xiamen, visit the girls universities in Nanjing and the DAAD meeting in Beijing.

Keep you updated…

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