News, updates and fotos live from Anhui in PRC


Hopefully no more travels for a while

HK skyline taken from the peak

To change my visa I got a couple of days in Hongkong, not sure to be able to change but optimistic. And no need to tell, everything worked out! After 24 hrs I hold my ZZZZZZ-visa in my hand. So time for some HK grumpling and shopping :)

this is the Chinese consulate: thanks guys for the express visa ;)

Some more impression from my travels

Beijing haizi Beijing new pedestrian street at qianmen

winter in Nanjing... :)

When Julia and me arrived at the airport we got disapointed because the weather wasn't the way we imagined at all. Thanks to governmental control of environment they fired chemicals into the air so it pulled rain for days.
The days in Xiamen passed in a rush, that's what time does in China anyway - its faster than back home. Louke organised a great German day for his students, getting guest lecturers from companies, schools and locals involved. As you know me, even if time was short I didn't miss to see how Xiamen's nightlife is like ;) And I can tell, we had lots of fun...
The last day of our meeting we went to some Hakka village around Xiamen which are called "Tulou" (土楼).

Ok. I should stop thinking in what order to write this post but I should use the uncensored internet in Hongkong to upload a couple of fotos. There you go...

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